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Melbourne based gardeners selling plants and seeds that flourish in Melbourne’s climate.

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Plants & Garden: Embracing Nature Together, Crafted and Nurtured by Plant Enthusiasts

Greetings, I’m Nick, a dedicated gardener in Melbourne, fuelled by a lifelong passion that intertwines with my roles as a husband and father of three. Despite my 15+ years in the I.T. industry, my heart has always been rooted in cultivating lush landscapes.

Reflecting on my childhood, our backyard was a haven of diverse fruit and nut trees, challenging the misconception that certain varieties couldn’t thrive in Melbourne, like our successful avocado tree from decades ago. Fond memories include Kevin Heinze’s visit to our primary school, igniting a spark that has persisted throughout my life.

Despite the demands of an I.T. career and family life, I maintained my garden connection with low-maintenance plants. The pandemic-induced stay-at-home period prompted a reevaluation of our backyard, inspiring me to explore gardening channels on YouTube. Witnessing local enthusiasts skillfully use their space, I felt compelled to redirect my energy towards cultivating a vibrant garden and healthier lifestyle.

This personal journey led me to expand my edible garden collection, potting up surplus seedlings and taking cuttings to share. The idea of selling and sharing these plants gained momentum when a friend inquired about my surplus. That simple suggestion evolved into Plants & Garden Melbourne, not just an online store but a haven created by gardeners for gardeners.

Plants & Garden isn’t merely about products; it’s a community hub offering gardening expertise. The founders, seasoned gardeners themselves, curate products catering to fellow green thumbs. Navigating our site is like strolling through a well-tended garden, with an intuitive interface and gardening tips seamlessly integrated into the platform for beginners and experts alike.

What sets Plants & Garden apart is its commitment to sustainability, promoting eco-friendly practices and encouraging green initiatives. Customer satisfaction is paramount, with responsive support addressing unique gardening challenges. The goal is to connect Melbourne enthusiasts and global gardeners alike, fostering a thriving community.

Presently, we exclusively offer nationwide seed shipping, with plans to expand to cuttings and plants soon. Inquiries about available plants, cuttings, and seeds are welcome, with local pickup and Melbourne delivery options. I’m excited to witness Plants & Garden continue to grow, contributing to the joy of gardening for everyone. Here’s to a flourishing garden and happy gardening!

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